Untraceable film is just … sick

I love tech based films, hacking, coding ect.. But I really can’t believe I am watching this one. I am not into horror and I just felt sick at some of the scenes. Do people really like that style? I’ve never watched any of the  Saw films, nor will I ever. I rarely watch horror, maybe some of the oldies when they were done right. Horror these days are so wrong, it’s just written by people who need psychological help.


Disney announce Star Wars Episode 7!

And they want to make a few more Star Wars films, this cames on the back of George Lucas retirement and sale of his assets. LucasFilm, along with the Star Wars franchise and his other brands for $4.05 billion (£2.5 billion)

He understands and wants the legacy to continue and the Disney corporation maybe the best alternative to him. Very few other companies have the ability to keep what George has built over the years and hopefully it will be in the right hands.