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I dread the day when terrorism has tactics

It’s sick enough that these uneducated brain washed idiots attack innocent people, historical buildings and plague society with their backward, (take us back to the dark ages manifesto). But I tend to stay quiet on blog about such things.

But in a short time we had a bombing in Manchester, a three man team who rampaged through London only to be shot dead. Another crazy in Paris with a hammer.

I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I fear the day when they actually choose targets that would make things worse. You don’t bring down an Empire with these stupid attacks, killing a few people or a few hundred won’t stop a city from working, it will slow the pass of life down in an area for a short period. 

I do get put off from going out to places, but I am an explorer I love to find new places and learn about history. 

I wish terrorism would go away, but it seems to be around, the wrong ideology only leads to a short life, a true visionary will be remember for years to come.

Rare New British £1 misaligned

I got my first 12 sided £1 coin dated 2016 was looking at it and wonder if the first batch sell for anything on eBay.

What I didn’t know is that there are a batch of coins completely misaligned. If you look carefully at the pictures of these coins on eBay you will realise the outer ring and the inner part of the coin and not correct. These coins if you get them you should maybe hold onto them or simply sell them on ebay, so keep your eyes on your cash.

I’ve seen a few pictures where the inner part to the outer part are reversed. But one or two look like they have been vandalised were the inner part has been knocked out and placed back in the wrong way around. So be careful coin collectors.

Another near miss.

Today I drove to all the way over to my parents followed by a trip to my brother and sister-in-law to see the kids. I managed to get all the way back home. Nothing went wrong! I only drove round to a local restaurant to have some dinner. It should taken just a minute or two to get home after that.

So as I hit a major roundabout where I live my gearstick went to jelly and I stopped moving! My car was in the middle lane and traffic all around me! I put on the hazard lights got out looked at the vichele and hoped no one would hit it. It was snowing and I was getting cold as I called the police watching people avoid my car and nearly hitting each other. They took 20 min to turn up, but when they did it was towed to a safer road! I had to wait another 30 to 40 min for the AA to turn up. I finally got the car back home feeling cold and ill.

I am so glad that no one hit me, I swear at least nearly 1000 cars, vans, big rigs, buses and one salt mixer didn’t leave a scratch.

The MacGyver remake pilot review

That famous hairstyle belongs to the 80s and when are we? 2017, so clearly time has moved on and what the hell is going on? 

Dodgyness has returned to our TV screen in the form of campy, terrible acting with a concept that no longer works for modern viewing.

Are we trying to copy James Bond again, a guy in a tux jumps into another party to steal a bio-weapon, only to be stolen off of him.

The classic run around, some terrible puns, cliches and some terrible pyrotechnics. I like computers, but is there an over use here?

I really shouldn’t of wasted an hour watching this, I better cancel the series link!

Climbing La Concha (Marbella, Spain)

I see the mountain (La Concha translates to The Shell) from the apartment every year I go to Spain, rising high in the background with a superimposed look, but it’s very real.

I was driven over to a place which is also a national park meeting a friend of my brothers called Alex.

Straight out of the car park we began our walk down the road to an olive grove, through a woodland and up through a few rocks to our first sign-post. I was already feeling it then! I am clearly not as fit as I should be.

At the same time I was running the Nike fitness app on my phone so I could record my stats going up. This was annoying for me because she kept saying “workout paused!” And “resuming workout!”.

Up we went and I was making sure I had careful footing as there seemed to be a lot of loose rock. I hear Alex up ahead, “Come on this is easy” my reply was “maybe to you but this is alien terrain to me!”.

We stopped for a break half way up.

We carried on to the top, passing three points which were a bit more challenging hence they added chains to the mountain side to assist you. At the top I turned off my Nike app recording 6.5KM it said I had climbed an elevation of 546 metres and had only burned 368 calories. I don’t know how accurate the app was but I turned it off at that point. Knowing I had to walk back the way we came meant that’s doubling the stats!! A fair bit easier but it was still hard work.