Bye Bye Twitter

I really got sick of it in the end, I had the app on the my phone, was following a few Spurs footballers like Harry Kane and Dele Alli. I was even following the Met Office for the weather and a few other things, but in the end my phone was just going ping with stuff I really didn’t care about.

I was thinking of following Trump, but I really didn’t want to add him to my followers, maybe if everyone stopped following Trump then he would stop using twitter!

Still, here is a song that sums it up.


Elephant Hawk Moth Catipiller 

I was pulling out the weeds on the veg patch and came across a beast of a catipiller. He was quite big and google through the pictures to find out he is an Elephant Hawk Moth. They are very beautiful moths when they evolve so I moved him to a safer place.

R.I.P Chester

I have three albums at home and on my iPod, Hybrid Thoery, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight.

To me this is some of the best music produced by Linkin Park and Chester Bennington. These albums are played more than most of the other stuff I have on my iPod but the music is that good.

I saw Linkin Park live at Knebworth House Sonisphere festival in August 2009, this was a real highlight then and now. I was fairly far away and I wish I could of been closer to the stage, even still I thought they were awesome. On the same night my friend Mark got so pissed and passed out in his tent and was upset he missed them as he really wanted to see them also. His own fault really!

Chester I have no idea what drove you off the cliff, but I hope you find peace in the next life. 

I dread the day when terrorism has tactics

It’s sick enough that these uneducated brain washed idiots attack innocent people, historical buildings and plague society with their backward, (take us back to the dark ages manifesto). But I tend to stay quiet on blog about such things.

But in a short time we had a bombing in Manchester, a three man team who rampaged through London only to be shot dead. Another crazy in Paris with a hammer.

I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I fear the day when they actually choose targets that would make things worse. You don’t bring down an Empire with these stupid attacks, killing a few people or a few hundred won’t stop a city from working, it will slow the pass of life down in an area for a short period. 

I do get put off from going out to places, but I am an explorer I love to find new places and learn about history. 

I wish terrorism would go away, but it seems to be around, the wrong ideology only leads to a short life, a true visionary will be remember for years to come.

Rare New British £1 misaligned

I got my first 12 sided £1 coin dated 2016 was looking at it and wonder if the first batch sell for anything on eBay.

What I didn’t know is that there are a batch of coins completely misaligned. If you look carefully at the pictures of these coins on eBay you will realise the outer ring and the inner part of the coin and not correct. These coins if you get them you should maybe hold onto them or simply sell them on ebay, so keep your eyes on your cash.

I’ve seen a few pictures where the inner part to the outer part are reversed. But one or two look like they have been vandalised were the inner part has been knocked out and placed back in the wrong way around. So be careful coin collectors.